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We at Delegated Services, a local not for profit, community interest company are delighted to confirm that we will take on and provide your Health & Safety services from 1 September 2017 following an agreement reached with Priory Community School Enterprises. We will be maintaining this web site as well as our own at in the short to medium term while we review both, take the best, and then test it before a refreshed site is provided and explained to you.


EVOLVE is a fully managed online service specifically designed to enable the efficient processing of educational visit proposals. Evolve remains an easy to use system to ensure that proper planning has taken place before the trip takes place. Over 100 authorities have now adopted this system along with several other independent schools and academies.
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CLEAPSS (Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Services) is an advisory service providing support in science and technology for a consortium of local authorities and their schools including establishments for pupils with special needs. It provides:

  • termly newsletters for primary and secondary schools,
  • a wide range of free publications,
  • model risk assessments,
  • special risk assessments,
  • low-cost training courses for technicians, teachers and local authority officers.
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CLEAPSS Advice – Make sure your stored chemicals are safe in hot weather. 

Below you will find information about storing chemicals safely in hot weather. But you also need to prepare for hot weather [...]
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Crowded Place Guidance

The threat we face from terrorism is significant. As we have seen in the UK and across Europe attacks can [...]
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PCS Enterprises goes Twitter

We now have a twitter account! Visit to see our tweets. [...]
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